At True North Advisory and Consulting Services, our small business identity grounded in a personalized approach sets us apart from competitors within our industry, enabling us to provide bespoke services that address our clients’ unique needs.

What does operating with a personalized approach mean for our clients? For us, it signifies dedicating time and effort to understand each client and their respective businesses, collaborating closely to develop customized solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We firmly believe in moving beyond a one-size-fits-all strategy.


Our clients can expect a proactive attitude from our team. Instead of waiting for clients to reach out with concerns or inquiries, we take the initiative to ensure their business plans are thoroughly prepared, backed by solid evidence, and capable of withstanding scrutiny from USCIS officers or SBA lenders.

We adopt a “client-centered approach” when discussing our clients’ needs. Understanding that the planning process can be both stressful and complex, we strive to make it as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. By maintaining a balance between informality and professionalism, we establish trust and rapport with our clients.

Our paramount commitment: Ensuring client success. When we engage in a business plan collaboration, it signifies our genuine conviction in your potential for approval. Our core objective is not to generate short-term gains, but to facilitate our clients’ achievements. We firmly believe that our customized services and individualized approach are instrumental in actualizing this success.