An SBA business plan is a comprehensive document that details a small business’s objectives, strategies, and methods for attaining success. This plan typically encompasses information regarding the business’s target market, competitors, management team, financial projections, and funding requirements.

This business plan serves as a roadmap for success by outlining the necessary steps to accomplish the business’ objectives. It aids in setting priorities, allocating resources, and determining a timeline for achieving goals. A well-crafted business plan can also help identify a business’s strengths and weaknesses, manage risks, and offer a foundation for tracking progress.

A well-crafted business plan is crucial to achieving success. It provides a roadmap for realizing your goals, aids in securing funding, and establishes a basis for tracking progress. Nevertheless, business plans can differ in quality and effectiveness.

At True North Advisory and Consulting Services LLC, we steer clear of templates or generic plans. We understand that each business is distinct and warrants a personalized plan, taking into account their individual circumstances. As such, we consult with every client to develop a bespoke business plan that has a genuine likelihood of approval.

Our procedure is simple. First, we learn about you and your enterprise, asking about your goals, competition, market, and financial forecasts. Our objective is to comprehend your business fully so that we can develop a plan tailored to your requirements. Once we gain a complete understanding of your business, we partner with you to create a practical and attainable plan, keeping your lender’s viewpoint in mind.

We believe that a business plan customized to your unique circumstances is the best route to success. Consequently, we will not work with clients who expect us to start from square one without providing context. Instead, we aim to collaborate with clients willing to contribute the necessary information for crafting a plan specific to their needs.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in securing an SBA loan or an investment.

PS: Please complete the form below and submit it to us. We only collaborate with small business owners whom we believe have a chance of obtaining a loan. We will evaluate your information at no cost and only accept you as a client if we determine your eligibility for an SBA loan.

We also strongly encourage you to conduct your own due diligence regarding your eligibility.

Please note that we are business plan writers, not SBA lenders. However, we have had clients who obtained loans from FountainheadHeritage Bank of Commerce, and numerous community lenders. Although we are not lenders ourselves, we can offer guidance on your eligibility and assist in preparing a business plan that any SBA lender would require to approve a loan!

Official SBA information on SBA 7(A)SBA Pilot Loan and SBA 504 Loan.