Eiji Wang is a professional business consultant and legal practitioner with extensive experience in assisting companies of various sizes in achieving their goals. A proud member of the esteemed Institute of Consulting – CMI, Eiji has obtained an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, and a Juris Doctor from Bond University, Australia.

With a robust background in both business consulting and legal practice, Eiji adopts a comprehensive approach to case preparation, yielding optimal results for his clients. A key area of his expertise lies in business plan writing, specifically focusing on devising plans that conform to the stringent criteria set by USCIS and SBA lenders. Eiji’s adeptness in this field guarantees that clients receive scrupulously prepared and all-encompassing business plans, adhering to the standards established by federal agencies or SBA-approved lenders.

For individuals seeking immigration to the United States or entrepreneurs endeavoring to obtain financing for their businesses, Eiji’s invaluable expertise and experience are vital in accomplishing these objectives.