The employment-based immigration program facilitates the integration of highly skilled professionals from across the globe, allowing them to contribute their specialised expertise to the United States. These individuals possess the potential to make significant contributions to the U.S. economy as they engage in employment on either a temporary or permanent basis.


The EB-1 visa provides a pathway for three highly specialized groups to enter the United States. These groups include individuals who possess extraordinary abilities in their field, such as accomplished athletes or renowned artists, as well as outstanding professors and researchers who have made significant contributions to their field of expertise. Additionally, multinational executives and managers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic capabilities in their organizations may also be eligible for this visa category.

The EB-2 visa is designed to attract a distinct set of skilled individuals. This visa category targets professionals holding advanced degrees, such as master’s or doctorate degrees, and national interest waiver applicants who possess exceptional abilities in the fields of science, arts, or business. These abilities must be demonstrated by a consistent record of accomplishment and contributions to their respective sectors.

The EB-3 visa seeks to provide opportunities to skilled workers, professionals, and other workers across various industries. Skilled workers generally have a minimum of two years of experience, while professionals typically possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their field. Other workers, who may not meet the specific requirements for skilled workers or professionals, can still be eligible if they possess relevant experience and their abilities are in demand.

The EB-4 visa is a distinct category aimed at special immigrants who do not qualify for other employment-based visas. This category encompasses a diverse range of individuals, such as religious workers who provide service to their communities, special immigrant juveniles who require protection and resettlement, broadcasters who contribute to the dissemination of information, and Iraqi/Afghan translators who have assisted U.S. forces in their respective countries.

The EB-5 visa is designed to encourage foreign investment in the United States. This employment-based visa category is specifically intended for individuals seeking to invest a substantial amount of capital in a commercial enterprise within the United States. The purpose of this investment is to create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers, thereby contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Official USCIS information on EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4 and EB-5.