When it comes to proving your eligibility for an EB-2 NIW visa, submitting a well-crafted professional plan is key. This plan should not only showcase your qualifications, accomplishments, and contributions in your field, but also highlight the potential benefits your work could bring to the United States.

A tailored professional plan, specific to your unique endeavour, is essential for demonstrating how your work aligns with the EB-2 NIW visa criteria. To back up the claims in the plan, you’ll need solid evidence such as publications, patents, citations, and letters of recommendation, which will further underline your achievements and contributions in your field.

Don’t forget, your professional plan should also show how your work meets the Matter of Dhanasar three-part test for the national interest waiver. This means explaining how your work holds substantial merit and national importance, proving that you’re well-positioned to advance the proposed endeavour, and demonstrating that waiving the job offer and labour certification requirements would be beneficial for the United States.

In a nutshell, a professional plan is a comprehensive way to present your qualifications, accomplishments, and contributions, as well as the possible impact your work could have on the United States. By including supportive evidence and addressing the Matter of Dhanasar three-part test, your plan will help you make a strong case for the national interest waiver.